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"I went down with the vessel when it became distressed. However, when the pull of the ship faded, I
rose to the surface. I was lucky to catch a lifebuoy. […] A day later, the lifebuoy was overturned by heavy waves. I tried to find a lifeboat from Vinalines Queen and was successful. It had enough food, water and medicine for me until I was found by the British ship. […] The whole incident happened so fast we only heard the captain ask crewmen to put on lifejackets when the vessel started to list to one side. The waves were so strong. I was on the ship's foredeck at the time and the lifeboats had not been lowered. I was thrown off the ship as it started to sink. I got into a state of panic as everything on board was swept down, including myself. I could not see a thing […]".

Mr Dau Ngoc Hung
Sole survivor of the accident

The 2005-built bulk carrier Vinalines Queen was reportedly carrying a cargo of nickel ore from Morowali, Indonesia to China and it was reported missing on Christmas Day 2011, considered lost. Twenty three crewmen were onboard, only one, Mr Hung, survived.


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